Ampfab loves working with private and corporate collectors alongside public galleries and museums.

We design, manufacture and install the most-efficient and aesthetic storage solutions for private collections of art, crafts and memorabilia to protect, display and enjoy your treasured artefacts.

We work in all types of private buildings including homes, garages, studios, outbuildings, basements, attics, stables and barns, along with commercial buildings and locations such as offices, storerooms and corporate archives.

We’ve designed and manufactured storage solutions for private collections in the UK, Ireland, continental Europe, the Middle East and the Far East.

In England, one example of our work was creating a system of beautiful screens to hang framed art, prints, manuscripts and posters in an outbuilding where a private collection of cars is stored. Working with a London architect practice, the display screens really complement the client’s outbuilding and their fascinating automobile collection.

Other examples of our work for private collections include designing a storage system for a collection of work in a rural French home and for a private collector in the city of Dublin in the Republic of Ireland.

Our design, manufacture and installation services are usually conducted by our in-house team. Ampfab racking and storage systems are designed, manufactured, packed and shipped to customers at home and overseas. We provide assembly instructions, ensuring the whole process flawless and straight-forward.

However, we can also arrange overseas manufacturing of our designs for clients, if desired. For example, overseas manufacturing of our systems has been done in Australia with flawless results. So, wherever you are in the world, we can help you with all your requirements and manage the whole process from start to finish.


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