What does a Storage Consultancy entail?

We visit your Art Gallery, Museum, Home, Warehouse or any other Storage location, and quantify the collection to be stored. We would have an informal meeting with you to discuss all preliminary ideas and specifications that will shape the project.

Once we have a comprehensive survey of the storage space and all other information we begin the design process by recreating the storage space as an AutoCAD drawing; this enables us to place storage equipment to scale in the space.

Design Process

Once complete, this initial drawing will be used to discuss options and agree final storage equipment layout with you.

We then complete the full details of the design; providing a scale drawing with a detailed specification and description of the storage scheme.


This consultancy process provides you with an unbiased and informed document which provides an optimum layout and provision of storage reflecting your true requirements.

We will, of course, also supply you with our fully costed proposal for carrying out the work outlined, but equally, you are free to take the specification to any supplier of your own choosing.

Kind Words