Art Handling Trolleys

Art Handling Trolleys Designed to Transport Any Artwork Anyplace.

If you have to transport valuable artwork from location to location, and it could be artwork that is very large or very heavy, why risk anything less than  purpose built art handling trolleys designed to carry out this specific task safely and easily with insurance approval?

Ampfab design and manufacture all their art handling, artefact and shuttle trolleys in house and are able to offer quantity discounts based on larger orders, call 0161 620 7250 for details or email for a prompt answer and personal service or to discuss your specific requirements, we promise no sales pitch or purchase pressure and we are happy to offer advice with no obligation whatsoever.

All our  trolleys and carriers are hand built at our factory in the UK utilising premium quality mild steel and are fully welded, they are robust and will last a lifetime in the most challenging environments, each item of equipment has been tested for suitability , weight loading and optimal use in its environment.

Our trolleys are fitted with non marking castors with full swivel and lock facility, they are also fitted out with museum friendly plastazote pads to negate any contact between metal surfaces and artwork which ensures no damage occurs during transportation or whilst placing the artwork in the trolley and removing it to storage or display and they are also fitted with corner buffers to protect your walls and doorways.

Ampfab can  produce any of these trolleys to bespoke dimensions with great options on colour, texture finishes and sizes easily acceded to.

As the manufacturer, we will also be happy to discuss and develop ideas to create your bespoke art trolleys and equipment to fulfil your requirements in terms of finishes and size or any other special or bespoke requirement.  Please feel free to call 0161 620 7250 or email us.

Art Handling Trolley

This robust hand built art handling trolley can hold a uniformly distributed weight of 500kg. Purpose built for transporting precious artwork to and from storage in a safe and secure fashion, the art trolley can rotate fully on its centre axle and has extending handles to accommodate the largest of paintings; secured by restraining straps tied to the integral strap hooks.

Archival Plastazote (non off-gassing and inert) is fitted to all supporting faces of the picture trolley to protect and cushion frameworks, especially gesso. All the trolley wheels are non-marking with full swivel and brake facility and can be finished in a range of powder coated finishes, the standard colour being 7035 grey textured.

The standard size of these trolleys:

  • 1,800mm long x 800mm wide x 1,950mm high
  • costs £1718.00 plus vat ex-works. 
  • To place an order please email or call 0161 620- 7250       

Artefact Trolley

The AMP Fab artefact trolley  designed to be lightweight for ease of moving artworks from room to room and seriously strong for moving sculptures and cabinets. The aluminium trolley unit is built to carry 1,000kg safely and easily and is fully welded to withstand the toughest use.

This robust little unit can swivel any large crate or item on the spot ensuring safe and easy handling of large and heavy items in a safe manner and is so light it can easily be picked up and carried from location to location.

Rubber buffers fitted to the trolley are the same as used on wagon trailers to prevent impact with walls so use the Artefact trolley for all your heavy lifting including items that may damage or rip other materials such as foam or wood, this trolley can do the lot.

Non marking wheels which are standard on all our art handling trolleys ensure no unwanted scuffs or marks are left on the floor when moving large articles.

The standard size of this artefact trolley:

  • 600mm long x 450mm wide x 190mm high
  • 1,000kgs Capacity
  • costs £435.00 plus vat ex-works.
  • To place an order please email or call 0161 620 7250

Shuttle Art Trolley

The Ampfab Shuttle Art Trolley is ideal for smaller and more delicate artworks and paintings: Highly versatile with fully adjustable inner panels and removable sides, all fitted with protective sheets of non off-gassing archival Plastazote.

With its non-marking swivel castors, easy grip, full length handles on both ends and high weight loading the Shuttle Art trolley is manoeuvrable and simple to operate. Rubber elbows on every corner of the art trolley ensure protection against bumps to walls and the trolley itself.

Each Shuttle Art Trolley comes complete with two removable mdf side panels and two internal dividers. All surfaces covered with archival Plastazote.

The standard size of these trolleys:

  • 1,375mm long x 800mm wide x 1,025mm high
  • costs £1722.00 plus vat ex-works.
  • To place an order please email or call 0161 620 7250

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