Banner and Rolled Textile Storage Equipment Could Be The Answer…!

Sometimes there are objects in a museums collection that defy all attempts to store safely and retain accessibility, spears, drums, carpets and maps…the list is endless so the best solution in our experience has been to provide a blank canvas such as banner and rolled textile storage equipment on which to hang or tie pretty much anything and that includes deer heads (antlers included) and entire collections of didgeridoos!

Banner and Rolled Textile Storage

Banner brackets available in various sizes and designs can be utilised anywhere across a mesh panel face in an endlessly versatile manner and cable ties are invaluable for gently securing any object, the mesh faced panels that comprise the storage surface can be designed to fit on pull out picture racks, mobile bases, walls or as static units so the possibilities are endless and we have yet to find an awkward object that cannot be suitably stored by this method.

Banner and Rolled Textile Storage equipment can be produced to any size and you are only limited by your ability to access the face of the panels so if you are able to safely reach 4 metres high then this height can be manufactured to, contact AMP Fab for an informal chat regarding your project.

The Ampfab Rolled Storage Racking is the perfect solution for the correct care of rolled items such as flags, maps and other large pieces of fabrics or artwork.

Rolled Storage Racking

Our Rolled Storage Racking is made to order to any size; width and depth.

The Racks can be installed on roller-tracking or as a pull out system, similar to picture racking, to increase capacity.

The Roll Storage Units are fabricated from strong, yet light, aluminium tubing and are supplied with protective end caps.

The Rack is constructed in steel and has multiple locations for positioning the cantilevered Roll Storage brackets; this means it can accommodate different sizes of Roll Storage Units.

The Ampfab team is very proud to put into practise their many years experience of designing, manufacturing and installing Museum and Art Gallery Storage Solutions.

With a long history of supplying artefact storage and picture racking all over the UK and around the world, you can be assured that Ampfab do not compromise on quality or finish whilst providing excellent value for money.

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