Private Art Collection Storage

This  installation in a private house in Dublin shows how Ampfab can create bespoke private art collection storage using our picture racking system to accommodate your art collection in a secure and visually pleasing manner.


This pull-out picture racking installation was in a home being refurbished to an extremely high standard. The picture racking we designed, manufactured and installed had to match colours and select materials very carefully, yet still provide superb art collection storage that didn’t look out of place.


You can see the successful results for yourself in this picture, leaving a clean, precise finished storage solution for our private collector.

Advice and options for customised storage of your art collection do not cost anything, please feel free to call Adam Beck or Philip McKaigg on 0161 620 7250 for an informal chat about your requirements; let us help you from the start to develop your picture racking system in a relevant and fruitful fashion.

AmpFab Fabrication

AmpFab Fabrication