Private Art Collection in London

Owned by the renowned artist and printmaker Sir Howard Hodgkin this delightful residence ensconced neatly within an unassuming street in the centre of London revealed a studio and apartment the size of which was belied by its relatively modest exterior and it was under the stairway of the apartment that we were asked to design and install a fully dust sealed and lockable pull out picture racking system.



Ampfab are retained to carry out many demanding and unusual designs and installations especially this private art collection in London and this dwelling right opposite the British Museum was no exception.


The only system viable for this private art collection in London was Ampfab’s own unique freespace system utilising cantilever slides that enable the picture storage units to fully extend without the need for any track above or below although locking the system presented a bit of a challenge we designed a simple to use mechanism that enabled the user to secure all the frames with the use of a single lock.

AmpFab Fabrication

AmpFab Fabrication