Herbarium Cabinets and Dryer Storage for Plant Specimens

Ampfab herbarium cabinets have an extremely fine build tolerance to ensure a complete seal which precludes the ingress of dust, water, light and undesirable organisms.

They have been supplied to facilities all over the world including a Malaysian rainforest and the Falkland islands, we can ship any quantity to anywhere in the world, we design and manufacture our own equipment and have a dedicated shipping company on hand to deliver your product door to door if required with care and professionalism, collections like yours are far too precious to entrust to chance, secure and protect your specimens correctly and completely with a purpose built high quality cabinet from Ampfab.

Stainless steel slide and hide vents at the top and bottom of each Dryer Cabinet can be added or omitted on request plus an external temperature and humidity reader comes as standard on the range of temperature controlled cabinets.

All our specialist cabinets  have the facility for complete removal of all or some of the edged and flattened shelves allowing variable storage heights and greater versatility.

All our cabinets are designed and manufactured in the UK by us and are built and fitted out to extremely high standards: being designed and manufactured specifically for the permanent storage and protection of botanical specimens and plant materials for a minimum of fifty years; they are of a fully welded steel construction with locking handles for extra security and protection.

Our cabinets are available with a wide range of options including bespoke sizes and also a wide range of polyester powder coating colours and finishes, please do not hesitate to call and discuss any of these options and see what we can do for you.

Key features:-

  • Fully welded mild steel construction
  • protected from dust and pest ingress
  • Locking handles for extra security
  • Complete versatility with adjustable/ removable shelves

Bulk and Custom Herbarium Cabinets

  • Quantity discount available.
  • Bespoke sizes can be manufactured.
  • Shipping can be arranged to most countries.

Bespoke Herbarium, Specimen and Temperature Controlled Dryer Cabinets

Ampfab design and manufacture all herbarium storage cabinets in the UK and offer an expert consultation and design service to museums and art galleries for the storage of curios and specimens.

Clients of this service benefit from all the knowledge and skills the Ampfab Team has built up from providing behind the scenes temperature controlled storage cabinets to almost all the Museums and Art Galleries in the UK.

Ampfab can manufacture Herbarium Cabinets to custom sizes to fit any available storage area: helping you protect your plant collection in sealed herbarium storage cabinets is one of the things we do best.

Standard Ampfab Herbarium Cabinets

All standard Ampfab Herbarium Cabinets are supplied ex-works with all features and fixings included:

  • Double wall welded construction in 1.2mm cold reduced mild steel.
  • Two point locking handles with vertical lock rods.
  • LD45 Plastazote door seals attached with museum friendly adhesive.
  • Polyester powder coated in a wide range of colours and finishes.
  •  Three heavy gauge, lift off hinges per door to ease removal of doors if required.
  • Removable edged and flattened shelves.
  • Manufactured in house by Ampfab.


HC26 Herbarium Cabinet

  • Nominally 2100mm high x 740mm wide x 500mm deep.
  • 26 compartments with removable shelves.
  • Compartment size 450mm deep x 320mm wide x 155 mm high.
  • from £1,210.00 plus vat

HC52 Herbarium Cabinet

  • Nominally 2100mm high x 1400mm wide x 500mm deep.
  • 52 compartments and three central dividers.
  • Compartment size 450mm deep x 320mm wide x 155mm high.
  • from £1,975.00 plus vat


HDC Herbarium Dryer Cabinet

  • Nominally 2100mm high x 920mm wide x 460mm deep.
  • Fitted with a generic heater dryer unit and a temperature and humidity gauge fitted in the door; externally visible.
  • 4 fully adjustable shelves with punched sheet for optimum airflow.
  • from £1,930.00 plus vat

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