Plan Chests & Drawer Units Made to Bespoke Requirements.

Plan chests and drawer units are a great solution for any museum or art gallery needing a unit to securely store larger art pieces, historical drawings, textiles, charts, maps, and a range of other archive materials.

Ampfab specialise in bespoke Plan Chests & Drawer Units with a particular expertise in unusual size requirements and there are lots of available options in terms of colour and security, Ampfab can cater to your specific needs and if you have an unusual requirement then please discuss it with us and we will be happy to draw up your design on AutoCAD.

As far as specification is concerned we guarantee that all sections used are a minimum of 1.2mm thick cold reduced quality British steel and our units are fully welded for rigidity and longevity.

All our cabinets and plan chests are designed to be stacked if desired to achieve maximum height and storage efficiency and everything we manufacture is fully welded and made with substantial mild steel sections, you will not find riveted together sections or cheap materials on anything we provide and all our equipment is designed and manufactured in our factory in the UK, we can even install your equipment for you.

Ampfab plan chests and drawer units can be provided with locking and non marking swivel castors for ease of movement, safety glass tops for drawers either in a locking cabinet or individually locking on the drawer plus a diverse range of drawer depths with options on loading and drawer removal.


  • Key features:-
  • Minimum 1.2mm thick cold reduced mild steel.
  • Fully welded, no rivets or assembly.
  • Built in plinth.
  • High quality powder coating in a range of colours.
  • Available with glass drawer tops,locking drawers,locking doors.
  • Can be produced to bespoke sizes, if you are not sure please call or email for information with absolutely no obligation.
  • We can supply units with locking wheels for ease of movement.

Museum Storage Plan Chests and Drawer Units

  • Ampfab plan chests & drawer units can be supplied with toughened glass drawer tops for added security or for optimal viewing ability and these can also have an added benefit of being removable only by use of a special tool which is provided with the unit.
  • Although our units are fully welded and therefore quite substantial in weight all the drawers can be easily removed to enable the cabinets to be moved from location to location and they also come complete with an integral plinth welded into the bottom so you can drag it around a bit without worrying that you will damage the underside, AMP Fab plan chests are always fully welded items and you will not spot a rivet or thin bit of metal anywhere, they are built to last.
  • Ampfab Plan Chests & Drawer Units provide an ideal and secure solution for items such as medals, pottery pieces, fabric and other artefacts for both storage and display.
  • Ampfab Plan Chests provide perfect conditions for the storage of documents such as architectural drawings and plans, unframed paintings and drawings, maps and other documents of historical significance.

Plan chests and drawer features

  • As standard, these robust cabinets are fabricated from 1.2m thick sheet steel and have high quality ball-bearing sliders fitted to each drawer to ensure smooth operation.
  • All drawers have full extension and usually have depths specified between 50mm and 250mm.
  • Drawer Units and Plan Chests are finished in a tough epoxy powder coating; grey as standard.
  • All Drawer Units and Plan Chests are lockable with a single cam-lock.
  • Glass tops can be fitted to individual drawers for added protection and security; particularly useful for display purposes without removing the contents from the drawer.
  • Standard sizes are A0 and A1, however we can manufacture to pretty much any specified size.
  • Plinths and legs may be fitted as optional extras.


The Ampfab team is very proud to put into practice their many years’ experience of designing, manufacturing and installing Museum and Art Gallery Storage Solutions.

With a long history of supplying artefact storage and picture racking all over the UK and around the world, you can be assured that Ampfab does not compromise on quality or finish whilst providing excellent value for money.


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