Bespoke archive shelving for museums made to your exact specifications

Archive shelving and all our other types of shelving come in many and varied forms and it can be bewildering to find the type of shelving specific to your needs, contact Ampfab and we will assist you to find the type of shelving that you want even if this means we do not supply it ourselves!

Every manufacturer of shelving produces to their own specific dimensions but sometimes you need it to be just so and Ampfab can manufacture to your exact bespoke dimensions if required; our shelving can also be mounted on mobile bases which can be found on our site as well.

All our shelving will be designed to accede to your required weight loadings to ensure you have the capacity in weight as well as space for your storage needs.

Ampfab is able to manufacture and supply attractive and robust Archive Shelving to accommodate most size files, boxes and other loose items.

  • Shelving Units are quick and easy to assemble and adjustable with no nuts and bolts.
  • We are able to offer a wide range of standard size configurations; height, width, depth and shelf loading.
  • Our system is a modular design; making it easy to extend and customise.
  • Divider rods can be added for the safe upright storage of small paintings.
  • All Ampfab shelving can also be mounted on mobile bases to ensure no floor space is wasted.

The experienced team at Ampfab can undertake a survey of your space and will specify a shelving layout to maximize your storage capacity.

They can also design and manufacture customised shelving to pretty much any size, loading limit and style to conform to your precise specifications.

The Ampfab team is very proud to put into practise their many years experience of designing, manufacturing and installing Museum and Art Gallery Storage Solutions.

With a long history of supplying artefact storage and picture racking all over the UK and around the world you can be assured that Ampfab do not compromise on quality or finish whilst providing excellent value for money.

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