Bolton Museum had been using a mixed array of wooden cabinets, constructed on site, to store their Egyptology collection for many years, so many years that the curio cabinets were almost as old as the pryamids themselves!


When built, the Egyptology storage cabinets in the Bolton Museum were more than adequate but had they fallen into disrepair and the fact that they were made of wood meant they did not offer adequate protection for the specimen collection nor could they withstand the rigours of the collection being moved around the museum.

Ampfab was approached to design and manufacture metal, tray storage cabinets to store the Egyptology collection; guaranteed to stand the test of time. We based the design on our popular standard entomology cabinet with their inert door seals and fully welded bodies as stipulated under license by the Natural History Museum in London.


Metal trays were provided to store the individual artefacts. All the tray runners were fitted with a specially manufactured nylon slide which clipped on to facilitate easy use of the steel drawers; any of which could be omitted to store taller items if required.

Initially the order from Bolton Museum was for ten storage cabinets, but they were so delighted with the quality and build of the Ampfab entomology cabinets that they ordered a further two: Bolton Library and Museum can now be confident that their Egyptology collection will remain safe and secure and in the best condition possible for future generations to enjoy.

AmpFab Fabrication

AmpFab Fabrication