Bespoke design and manufacture with the Freespace picture racking system

The Freespace picture racking system is a completely bespoke artwork hanging and display system that is exclusively designed, manufactured and installed from start to finish by the team at Ampfab, it is specifically designed to provide both storage and display of all sizes of pictures and artwork securely and completely.

Freespace came into existence when we were asked if we could provide a storage and display system that could be closed completely behind doors or into a recess and not be dependant on either floor tracks or support from tracking above, it transpired that a system of this type simply did not exist and had to be designed from scratch.

This design would enable an incredible aesthetic finish to a system that otherwise operates and provides the same options as any standard system, we designed Freespace and thus far have been the only company anywhere that has been able to offer this unique design which is so important to gallery owners who require security and a sleek finish.

Ampfab can design and manufacture the Freespace picture racking system to fit in any environment where aesthetics and security are paramount, it can be made to fit into awkward spaces or in areas where security is an issue or simply to provide efficient artwork storage whilst maintaining the clean lines and high standard of finish that galleries deserve.

The Ampfab Freespace system has now been tried and tested in well known galleries such as Unit London, The Gagosian Gallery in Mayfair and the private collection of Sir Howard Hodgkins as well as several private collections.

Key points:-

  • Provides unique art display and storage with no track above or below the viewing area.
  • Can provide storage panels up to 4.5 metres deep.
  • Can be locked up behind closed doors for a secure, aesthetically perfect finish.
  • Designed specifically for the desired area.

AMP Fab Bespoke Freespace Racking

The Freespace Picture Racking System is the complete and unique solution for the ultimate in secure and aesthetically pleasing artwork storage and display and is now available from AMP Fab for the storage of art collections designed to complement its environment, even one as beautiful as the private dwelling featured in this project.

All ‘Freespace’ picture racking systems are guaranteed and can be supplied in a wide range of powder coated colours.

Call 0161 6207250 to discover how ‘Freespace’ could revolutionise your pull out picture racking

The Ampfab design team is proud to announce the introduction of the Freespace Picture Racking System, a new and unique racking system to the art handling and storage market; set to change the way artworks are stored forever.

By clever design incorporating a cantilever system, the new ‘Freespace’ pull out picture racking is designed to do away with tracks and rails that protrude into gallery or storage space. This will allow picture display and storage racks to be pulled out into the aisles and viewing areas totally free of support from the ceiling or floor … Sound like magic?…Almost but not quite.

The design team at Ampfab have designed and engineered this unique picture racking system to solve a problem that art galleries and museums have been telling us about for years; to provide a pull out picture racking system that can be installed to create a safe and secure environment by not protruding in any way into gallery space that is often occupied by clients and members of the public.

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