The Fusiliers Museum in the Tower of London

The Fusiliers Museum in the Tower of London was definitely one of our more unusual installations as it is in the centre of the Tower of London grounds, amongst all the other wonderful buildings that go to make up this most historically interesting site.


The Fusilier Museum tells the story of a British infantry regiment, raised at the Tower of London in 1685.

The museum follows the Regiment from its formation to the present day.

The story is told through the fascinating personal experiences of individual Officers and Soldiers and draws on the museum’s rich archive of war diaries and personal letters as well as its diverse collection which also includes swords, drums and uniforms all of which are given new storage space in the scheme we designed and installed in the attic rooms of the museum, this shows that any space can be utilised effectively with intelligent design and manufacture.


As with all our bespoke designs and installations this one is intended to maximise the storage of many and varied articles some of which are awkward but this scheme has allowed for all items to be stored safely and securely for future generations to enjoy and be educated by.

AmpFab Fabrication

AmpFab Fabrication