Garment Conveyors


Garment conveyors….Taking garment handling to another level

Our garment conveyors which are also known as garment handling ski lifts are manufactured in house by Ampfab and are supplied ‘ready to run’.

They come in two formats, Speed Rail for trolley systems and the more prevalent Slick Rail or box rail garment elevators. Both types of garment conveyor come fully fitted with guards, motor gearboxes and chains; and once wired in to a three phase power supply are ready to operate.

Slick Rail Garment Conveyors

The Slick Rail Garment Elevators are also equipped with a torque limiter which is a clutch mechanism allowing ‘slippage’; consequently this prevents the chain from stretching or snapping in the event of any garment snags or inadvertent overloading. The torque limiter can also be easily tension adjusted to suit summer and winter garment handling.

Ampfab garment elevators and conveyor systems can be run in reverse to act as a decliner. If space is limited, a separate decliner rail can be mounted on the side of the elevator system to give greater versatility in the way you run your garment processing operation.

Bespoke Slick Rail and Garment Handling

Garment conveyors and elevators can be manufactured to any length to suit any floor to floor lift and can be fitted straight or at 90 degrees to the required level. Ampfab can supply garment conveyor systems either ex-works or they can be installed for you by our team of fully trained and experienced fitters.

Please feel free to call 0161 620 7250 or email us and we will be happy to discuss and develop ideas to create you a bespoke garment handling ski lift or overhead garment handling system to fulfil your requirements.

Garment Handling Equipment

Ampfab design, manufacture and install bespoke Commercial Garment Handling Conveyors, Racking and Rail systems, their range includes;

  • Garment conveyor and elevator systems
  • Garment handling ski lift
  • Metal hanging garment racks, racking and storage
  • Garment rail systems – Slick Rail, Glide Rail, Overhead
  • Garment unpacking and packing tables, including mobile tables.
AmpFab Fabrication

AmpFab Fabrication