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Where Experience Counts

Ampfab has been involved in the specialist Art Galleries & Museums sector for over 35 years, working behind the scenes in archive stores and collections storage for a large number of World renowned Art Galleries & Museums.

From initial on-site consultation right through the design process and onto manufacture and installation; Ampfab can handle the entire storage solution project or any part of your storage and picture racking requirements.

At any museum conference anywhere in the world the topic of storage space is never far away. Whether it’s on the agenda or discussed over lunch, the increasing number of antiquities every museum needs to store is a growing problem; quite literally.

The same is true for art galleries: Once all the walls of both your front of house and back of house are full from floor to ceiling with artwork, what do you do?

Once every orifice of every basement is filled, many curator’s are having to turn to rented warehouse space for archive and artwork storage; this can lead to the management of the catalogue and the control of costs becoming every curator’s nightmare: Ampfab can help.

honestate et integritate super omnes

The Ampfab team is very proud to put into practise their many years experience of designing, manufacturing and installing Museum Archive and Art Gallery Storage Solutions.

With a long history of supplying specimen collection storage cabinets to museums and pull out picture racking to art galleries, all over the UK and around the world, you can be assured that Ampfab do not compromise on quality or finish whilst providing excellent value for money.

  • Site surveys: Ensuring you get the maximum storage capacity in the space available
  • UK manufacture: Built to last and designed to ensure long term safe storage and preservation
  • Customised and bespoke storage solutions designed to fulfil any requirement
  • Delivery and installation: Professional fit-out with minimal disruption

Art Gallery & Museum Storage; Consultation, Design & Installation

At Ampfab we offer a storage consultation and design service based on the knowledge gleaned from providing storage systems and installations to almost all the Art Galleries and Museums in the UK and some further afield including Barcelona, Morocco and the Arab Emirates.

We act entirely in your best interests and design storage systems that are efficient, affordable and can be added to in the future; thereby ensuring you maintain equipment specifications and aesthetic values.

Take a look around our website or call us on 0161 620 7250 for an informal chat and trust Ampfab to help you sleep at night.

AmpFab Fabrication

AmpFab Fabrication