Whitby Geology Storage

Ampfab have been fortunate enough to carry out quite a lot of storage work at Pannett Park and the Whitby geology storage project helped to ensure that it is always a pleasure to provide services to such a wonderful museum fashioned in the best traditions of what I remember museums to be as a child, dark wood cabinets inviting people to view the fascinating range of objects within.


Our brief on this particular project was to provide a completely bespoke solution to the storage of Whitby geology storage collection and this gave Ampfab the opportunity to do what they do best which is to closely follow a clients requirements and needs and then transform their vision into a functional and versatile system of storage.


We designed and manufactured shelving specifically for the storage of Pannett Parks Geology collection in a way that fully utilized the room allocated to the collection.


AmpFab Fabrication

AmpFab Fabrication