University of Liverpool


We were contracted to design and install this open grid mezzanine floor at the Liverpool Victoria Art Gallery and Museum which unfortunately for us was to be fitted on the top floor with the only access being by narrow stairwell and a route that took us through the lecture theatre….some tasks require careful planning and others brute force and stamina, this one was the latter!

This open grid floor will be a valuable asset in terms of space for the already crowded rooms of the Victoria Gallery and best of all there has been no loss of natural light due to the bright silver galvanised flooring which has not decreased the light from the roof windows at all.


Ampfab have also developed a purlin only support structure that enables us to support the entire floor using only the lighter secondary beams whilst retaining the full structural support required by a mezzanine deck, this is achieved by bolting secondary beams back to back to form an immensely strong support section without the use of heavy steel beams which were precluded from use in this scenario due to the access issues.

AmpFab Fabrication

AmpFab Fabrication