The Arbuthnot Gallery

Liz Ritchie from Aberdeenshire Council and Dr David Bertie contacted Ampfab to design and create curio storage to house the Arbuthnot Gallery collection.

The Museum Storage not only had to protect and preserve the specimens but also pique the interest of young visitors; visually stimulating them in some way.


The team from the Arbuthnot Gallery planned to use multi-coloured storage cabinets to captivate the youngsters in the first instance and thereby entice them into taking an interest in the stories and objects behind the museum’s varied collection.

It seems that the colour palette chosen by the Gallery made other suppliers shy away from this project, but Ampfab were very excited by the idea and embraced it wholeheartedly. So it was that we proceeded to design and manufacture a range of large specimen storage cabinets with steel drawers, glass vision doors and several mobile display cabinets fitted with internal lighting.



Demonstrating our skills and ability to embrace the whole project, we also designed and manufactured some work tables for the children in a matching range of colours and as the images show, the overall effect is stunning. Since the Gallery re-opened it has been the specimen storage as well as the specimen collection itself which has proven to be a big hit with children and adults alike. Ampfab were very happy to be involved with the Mr Arbuthnot Gallery’s comprehensive overhaul and refit and we think the work they do with young visitors is highly commendable; Ampfab wish the Gallery all the best for the future.

“Thanks to the amazing crew from AMP Fab for doing a FANTASTIC job of making and installing the cases, benches and mobile units.” – Mr Arbuthnot Gallery

AmpFab Fabrication

AmpFab Fabrication