Momart Warehouse


Ampfab designed and fitted out this large bonded Momart warehouse premises with a specialised array of storage racks designed to suit the shape of the building perfectly, what was unusual about this particular project was that we were asked to hang the racks underneath the existing mezzanine floor to achieve maximum height in storage; this presented a huge issue in terms of the extra loading on the existing mezzanine floor which was already loaded to capacity with shelving and sculptures so AMP Fab needed to come up with a way of providing an overhead support structure for the picture racks as well as retaining the structural integrity and capacity of the existing floor.


To do this we enlisted the help of our structural engineer Chris Markland to aid us in designing a unique support structure for the Momart warehouse that not only retained the loading capacity of the mezzanine platform but actually increased it significantly by employing a mixture of extra columns in discreet placements and supplementary purlin sections that had been pre-drilled to accept the locations of the new picture racking, a project that we are particularly proud of both aesthetically and from a technical achievement perspective.

AmpFab Fabrication

AmpFab Fabrication