Mintlaw Heritage Stores

These fully extendable drawers were recently designed, manufactured and installed by Ampfab at the Mintlaw Heritage Stores near Peterhead in Scotland.


Ampfab were contacted by senior management at the Heritage Stores in Mintlaw with a view to dramatically increasing the amount of relevant storage within the existing shelving at the store.


We surveyed the shelving very comprehensively as no room for error was acceptable given that the drawer units had to fit into the shelving millimetre perfect and thankfully they fitted precisely as planned. Ampfab installed 300 drawers in a day with no mess or disruption and the extra storage space given by these drawers which vary in depth is phenomenal and perfect for the display and safe storage of small items from the store. Fully extendable and easily removable drawers can be fitted retrospectively in any type of shelving and to any size and colour to match shelving or d├ęcor.

AmpFab Fabrication

AmpFab Fabrication