Liverpool Victoria Gallery

Having completed several installations over the past few years at the Liverpool Victoria Gallery and Museum in Liverpool we were very pleased when Director Matthew Clough returned to Ampfab for the design and manufacture six glass fronted storage cabinets for their ceramics collection.


There were no obvious challenges to the design and manufacture of these storage cabinets for the Liverpool Victoria Gallery and Museum; it all looked fairly straightforward: That was until it was revealed that the cabinets were to be installed on the top floor of a five storey building and the nearest access was a small lift designed to carry people!

To ensure the Museum got the maximum storage space possible in each cabinet, we carefully measured the lift’s door opening and manufactured the storage cabinets so that they would just fit inside the lift and employed specialised moving equipment to get them in and out of the lift.

We were also required to transport the storage cabinets through a busy café area and this tested our ability to carefully manage and execute a potentially dangerous installation without incident and in the shortest time possible.



Each cabinet was fitted with a three key locking mechanism to provide an extra level of security for the ceramics collection; this was a design challenge, but worked out very well.

Fully adjustable shelves, dust sealed doors and fully welded cabinet bodies were specified in the design and it was finished with a leatherette powder coating providing an attractive and durable finish.

These glass fronted storage cabinets now provide total security with complete and easy visibility for the ceramics collection in storage.

AmpFab Fabrication

AmpFab Fabrication