Huntarian Museum

The Huntarian Museum in Glasgow had historically purchased standard Natural History Museum Cabinets in a twenty-drawer format to store their entomology collection.

The entomology storage room at the Huntarian contained a total of 36 of these entomology cabinets and above them was a gap to the ceiling; not tall enough to fit another standard cabinet, even the fifteen-drawer version, therefore they required a bespoke storage solution to utilise the full floor to ceiling space and provide the maximum amount of storage space possible.


Geoff Hancock from the Museum contacted Ampfab to help solve this challenge; thus we designed a twenty-drawer cabinet with a door at each end to provide access to ten-drawers from each side. This design of storage cabinet is an unusual design as the rigidity of the cabinet is normally provided by the back of a cabinet; this was absent and therefore we devised a bracing system in the centre of the storage cabinet that acted both as bracing and a drawer stop killing two birds with one stone.


As with most of the unusual or demanding design briefs presented to Ampfab, this project was both challenging and stimulating but the end results are customised storage cabinets perfectly suited to the space that provide protection to the entomology collection and a very satisfied client.

AmpFab Fabrication

AmpFab Fabrication