Atkinson Art Gallery


Ampfab also carried out the initial consultancy for the Atkinson Art Gallery producing a document that could be employed to utilize the equipment of any storage company and incorporating a specification that would be future proof and could easily be added to no matter which company happened to be chosen for the main contract, fortunately it was Ampfab but our consultancy package is always unbiased and designed to be in the best interests of the client.


Glass lifts and stainless steel handrails blend seamlessly with the exposed brickwork and renovated plaster cornices to a very pleasing overall effect that is not often seen in refurbishments especially in times of economic downturn and subsequently we think the project teams involved in the work deserve a round of applause.

Now that we have completed the storage facilities for the Artwork in the gallery stores it should not be too long before we are seeing all those much loved works once more on display for the public.

AmpFab Fabrication

AmpFab Fabrication